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Guests please read!

At our studio safety is our priority. For this reason we ask our guests to only bring children if they have their own appointment. Children are a distraction for stylists and can be harmed by the tools we work with. If your child does not have an appointment we will ask you to reschedule.Thank you for understanding



Guests please read!

Please do not come to the studio if you are sick. Visiting while sick directly exposes your stylist and other guests to any illness you have. If you think you are getting a sick we ask you to please reschedule your appointment. Come in when your feeling better to make your experience more enjoyable for you & your stylist. Thank you for understanding.


2743 East Wateroo Rd.  

     Akron ,OH 44312


             Monday - Saturday




closed Sunday



You can direct message each stylist through instagram, facebook or personal number. This is recommended as our stylists run their own individual schedules. 




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Janel  330-907-8850
Carol  330-958-2292

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